Corporation Sole

The ticket for freedom and personal sovereignty?


A hot topic of discussion on the internet these days, among those in pursuit of personal sovereignty and freedom, is a legal entity known as the "Corporation Sole" (or "Corporate Sole").

Of the dozens of internet sites now promoting the corporation sole, most have only popped up in just the last few years.

Some of the benefits and legal attributes being touted about the corporation sole, and what it can allegedly do for you, include:

  • Tax immunity
    • Automatically qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS code section 508c1A
    • Automatically tax exempt without having to obtain 501c3 status
    • No business income taxes
    • No personal income taxes
    • No capital gains taxes
    • No property taxes
    • No excise taxes
  • Asset protection
    • Judgement-proof
    • No liens
    • No levies
    • No garnishments
    • No seizures
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Freedom from government meddling and oversight
  • Privacy
  • Operates under the legal protection of a church
  • Has the same legal status as an ecclesiastical or religious society
  • Protected by the U.S. Constitution with guaranteed First Amendment rights
  • Is not "incorporated"
  • Is not government "registered"
  • No government reporting
  • Is not regulated by State statute
  • Is governed by canon (ecclesiastical) law and not civil (secular) law
  • Is governed exclusively by its own bylaws
  • Not under IRS jurisdiction
  • Not under State jurisdiction
  • Not under court jurisdiction

    The next few pages will give you some invaluable information and assist you in determining for yourself which of the above corporation sole benefits are legally valid and which are not. To continue, select the "NEXT" button, below.


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